Video Resumes – Are Recruiters Maximizing Their Value Added?

Every good recruiter works with the unemployed or job changing client to present the client in the best light. They evaluate their client’s resume and give them guidance on how to make it more directly applicable to hiring managers. Whether the job seeker is paying the fee or if some employer is paying the fee, the candidate should discern if the recruiter is throwing mud against the wall hoping some sticks or truly adding value to the effort.

Many recruiters save themselves extra effort by saying that video resumes are not mainstream yet. They say that some employers may be afraid of discrimination issues. Some employers have reduced their hiring effort to key word searches on applications and won’t take the time to view videos. But, in all cases, recruiters may be missing an exceptional opportunity to provide value to their clients by helping them to create a focused, professional video resume. The would be in addition to the other tools in the job search tool-box.

A job seeker must be able to succinctly and quickly tell their story. Most recruiters advise clients to memorize the words in this elevator speech which should be less than two minutes. This short, personal commercial answers the question, “tell me about yourself”. During the job search process, some may get flustered or tongue-tied reciting their story in face-to-face meetings. If the job seeker records this short speech on video and creates a web-link to it, they can make sure it presents a perfect first impression.

Recruiters, using video resumes, can maximize their value to their clients by:

teaching them what to wear for the interview,

teaching them what to say,

teaching them how to say it,

help them with cameras, backdrops, and computers,

help them critique and improve the video product for certain employers,

teach them how to best use it with their networking effort,

teach them how to use it with their paper resumes,

teach them how to use it with cover letters or thank-you letters,

use the video effectively with the recruiter’s business clients,

host the client’s video privately while advertising services on their own web site.

There is very little investment, other than time, by the recruiter. Their client’s video becomes a powerful job search tool that can be used profitably. The video does not replace the paper resume, it adds to it. When the web-link address is included at the top of a paper resume, the hiring manager might give it a second look. This second look is an advantage over someone who does not have one.

Recruiters and employers both know that discrimination issues can occur just as easily in the first interview, as with a video. At the time of a face-to-face interview, much time, effort, money, travel and worry for all parties has happened. Job seekers just want to be treated fairly and honestly. Steps can be taken to insure fairness. With a short video, first interview decisions can be made earlier with less stress for all. Job seekers would not have to go through the emotional roller-coaster ride only to be disappointed walking in to that first interview. Finally, if a hiring manager has viewed a video resume and invited the candidate in for an interview, it is actually the second interview. The employer has already seen them and the pressure is off. The job seeker can relax, be themselves, and win the job.

Jerry Cronlund is President of Sharp Candidate LLC. Our web site, http://www.SharpCandidate.com, offers free hosting of your first 90 second video and excellent guidance about job search techniques using video resumes. Watch the “why” and “how” of video resumes at: http://www.youtube.com/user/SharpCandidate.

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