What Should Be in a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a professional document sent along with your resume. The aim of writing a cover letter is to provide additional details about your skills and work experience that proves your suitability for the job and directs the employer to read your resume. Before you start drafting a letter, you should understand what should be in resume letters.

What should be in a letter?

1. Your contact details: Start the letter by mentioning your contact details at the top. Include details such as your name, correspondence address, contact number and email-id. It is important to mention correct contact details because the employer may use these details to contact you.

2. Employer’s contact details: It is important to research and find the name and designation of the concerned person, before writing employer’s address details. By mentioning the name of the concerned person your cover will be directed to the appropriate person and improve your chances of getting an interview call.

3. Correct salutation and valediction: Make use of salutation such as “Dear Mr. Brown.” You may use valedictions such as regards, sincerely, and respectfully. The employer expects that you keep a professional approach, when you are applying for job.

4. Reference: If you are applying through reference, it is important you mention the name of the person, who is referring you for the job. Mentioning such important detail in your letter would provide you an edge over the rest of the candidates.

5. Exact job profile you are applying for: In the opening paragraph of the letter, mention details about the exact job profile you are applying for. It important to be precise and to the point. One should avoid mentioning unnecessary details in a letter.

6. Additional skills and professional experience: You write a letter to prove your suitability for the job. Those skills and work experience details that you were unable to mention in your resume can be mentioned in your cover letter. But it is essential to mention only relevant details.

7. Request to read your resume: You should send a resume cover letter along with your resume, so that the employer reads your resume. Hence, you should direct the employer to read your resume and list your resume in the enclosures.

As letter is an important document that will decide your future in the employment process. Hence, you need to take efforts to draft a well-planned resume letter. The employer will read your resume only if you are able to prove your suitability for the job through your letter. You can even refer some example letters, cover letter templates, or sample letters, before you start drafting your resume letter. Make sure that you include all the vital points mentioned above in your letter.

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