Who Am I Now ?

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. – Alan Cohen

I listened to an interview recently with author Connie Goldman talking about her book Who Am I…Now That I’m Not Who I Was? What a great title! It reminds me how important it can be to check in with ourselves periodically. What’s changed? What’s shifted?

Sometimes we see big life changes coming and can plan for them: moving to a new location, changing careers, or shaping our version of retirement. Our priorities get held up to the light and re-examined.

Unexpected life changes leave little time for planning or reflection: the sudden loss of a loved one, finding yourself unemployed, or with a disability. Once we have time to regain our balance, the answer to ‘who am I now?’ might be very different.

But it’s those slow changes over time (also known as aging) that are the hardest to pinpoint. The subtitle to Goldman’s book is Conversations with Women in Mid-Life and Years Beyond. I love finding positive role models, in person or in print.

Challenge: Take a few minutes to consider this question for yourself: Who Am I Now That I’m Not Who I Was? The answers may affirm what you’ve learned over time or point to something that it’s time to let go of. I invite you to share your thoughts with other readers here on my blog: http://cornerstonecoaching.net/my-blog/

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