10 Key Features of the Midlife Journey

You might well expect that a journey we all get to go on at a particular point in our lives, would have at the very least a map and a set of instructions on how to get there. Well, no such luck with the midlife journey I’m afraid – it may be a road we all get to travel but we have to go it alone and find our own way. Each and every journey is as unique as the individual who takes it but these key features may help to reassure you that at least you’re heading in the right direction.

1. Little signs tell you when it’s time to make a move. It usually starts with a desire for change as we begin to notice feelings of healthy dissatisfaction…. a yearning for more… something different… something else. The place where we were once happy, no longer feels comfortable or fulfilling – it’s time to pack our bags and hit the road.

2. Be guided by your own inner wisdom. Prepare yourself for an inner journey to discover the real, unique, authentic you. It’s time to tune into the quiet whisperings of our own inner voice…. and listen, really listen… notice the things that excite, interest and enthuse us. These are the clues we need to follow and which will ultimately lead us to a fuller sense of self.

3. It’s not a straight path The midlife journey is not a direct route from A to B. In fact for most of us, when we set out we don’t even know where B is, never mind how to get there! There WILL be crossroads and turning points and opportunities to finally make decisions which have been begging to be made.

4. Be prepared for roadblocks and obstacles. Fear, challenge, loss, uncertainty and change are just some of the particularly narrow gateways that we have to pass through. We CAN pass through however, when we realise that these are obstacles of our own making and self imposed restrictions to our progress.

5. Take your time. Transformations can’t be rushed. If you spend a bit more time in no-man’s land than you anticipated, so what! The midlife transition, like any organic process, has its own natural pace, as we let go of the person we think we are and become the person we were meant to be.

6. You may feel that you’ve lost your way. At times we may feel disorientated and disconnected as if we’ve mistakenly stumbled into a strange, unfamiliar wasteland. Such feelings are a natural response to the internal ‘shifts’ we are experiencing and are evidence that we are indeed in a process of change.

7. Take time for exploration. Some of the best views are to be found at the end of what look like dead-end tracks, so don’t be afraid to go down some unfamiliar paths. This unique journey is a precious chance to explore new possibilities and make new choices and open new vistas.

8. Look out for key milestones. Certain things will gradually happen to reassure us that we’re on the right track. We just feel it. We not only make peace with the uncertainty but we start to feel positively excited by it! We begin to see the signs of our purpose and passion which gradually pushes fear and anxiety out the way.

9. It’s a life changing trip. … so hold tight, enjoy the ride and make the most of this special journey where you get to know yourself and BE yourself.

10. It’s okay to not know where you’re going when you set off. At midlife it’s all about the journey not the destination!

Karen Knott specializes in helping midlife women fulfill the promise of this pivotal time, by reconnecting with their sense of purpose, passion and enthusiasm.

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