Best Christmas Gifts for Baby Boomers

The holidays are in full swing, and the shopping days before Christmas are swiftly dwindling away. The pressure’s on, especially if you’re shopping for a friend or family member in the baby boomer crowd. What to get the people that have everything? At that point in life it isn’t about ‘needs’, and really comes down to something unique and thoughtful. And while boomers may not be the most technologically savvy generation, they do love their toys. So you can surely do wonders by picking a cool gadget that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. You’ll have a lot to choose from right now. Technology is getting smaller and less expensive, so it comes down to quality and usefulness when picking the right one. It’s all personal, but consider some of these fantastic tech gifts for the baby boomer crowd.

First of all, join the latest in modern technology with a classic boomer favorite by purchasing a new turntable. Records have made a serious comeback in recent years. CDs are swiftly disappearing, but MP3s cannot replace the feel of a record. New turntables are affordable but also multi-faceted. You’ll find some that can play various formats, but consider a turntable that also plugs into your laptop or mobile device. That’s the best of both worlds, as your boomer can experience the warm sound of a record while transferring songs right into iTunes to bring out on the go.

Home entertainment has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past decade, and now have risen to true theater-quality. Many people have forever given up on movie theaters, and instead enjoy surround sound and gorgeous high-definition monitors from the comforts of home. Some tech fans have even purchased 3D televisions, a truly astounding development. But one fantastic way to merge old school theatrical technology with modern gadgetry is by purchasing a streaming projector. It’s a true projector, so you can watch movies and television shows on a screen or at home, but it also links right up with your digital streaming service. So enjoy the flicker of the projected light while watching your favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu.

Is your boomer loved one addicted to his iPhone? You’ve got no shortage of tech gifts to help him take full advantage of the updates in technology. First, a way to finally transfer those boxes of cassette tapes into the digital world. It’s a simple converter that you plug your iPod or iPhone into, slip the tape into the other end and all of your music transfers right over into MP3s. Next, look out for the iPhone Lens Wallet. It’s a cool expansion pack for those photography fans excited to check out the limits of the iPhone. It comes with a tripod you can use for the iPhone, as well as macro, fisheye and telephoto lenses. All in all, it expands your phone’s capacity far beyond the stock settings, basically removing the need for any other camera for the casual photographer.

Finally, check out some of the amazing computer keyboard options out there. You can find all sorts of ergonomic designs that can help the recipient type happily through the new year. But there are also some incredible specialty keyboards that you won’t necessarily find at the PC wholesale store. Check out keyboards made out of beautifully finished wood, or even keyboards that can be rinsed out, for those who like to snack and type. You can also find various unique setups designed for gaming or optimal usage of certain programs, as well as a wide range of colors and materials to create a unique office array.

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