Best Gifts for Job Seekers

One of the best things about the season of “Peace on earth and goodwill towards men” is that you can find creative ways to bring joy, happiness and encouragement to just about anyone, regardless of their current circumstances.

So, if you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who may be feeling a little under “the yule tide weather” this year due to the fact that they are looking for a job and have yet to land one, we have comprised a list of some presents that you can buy them; ones that will be sure to lift their spirits and keep them in a positive frame of mind in their “meantime”:

Some business cards. You don’t have to have a job to be in need of some business cards. As a matter of fact, individuals who are in the process of sending out resumes and scheduling interviews are oftentimes the ones who need some the most. You can create them yourself with the help of some precut blank cards (that you can find at an office supply store) and your printer, you can place an order through Kinko’s or you can purchase some online via websites like Vista Print.

A makeover. When you feel better about yourself on the outside, it tends to have a direct effect on how you feel about yourself on the inside. TLC’s What Not to Wear is proof that a total outward transformation can do wonders for a person’s confidence level and self-esteem. So, it can’t hurt to schedule a “cut-n-color” or makeup makeover and have the bill sent to you.

An interview suit. Everyone needs an interview suit. It’s classic, it’s professional and it sends a clear message to employers that you’re serious about getting a job. When it comes to the person in your life who you’re thinking about getting one for, you can either make a day of it by taking them shopping at a local department store, or you can purchase a gift card so that they can buy one on their own. If you are on a budget, you can also opt for purchasing them a “good luck” tie or scarf as a token of your good faith in them as well.

A briefcase. A briefcase or business bag is a professional accessory that will never go out of style. If you really want to go all out, you can purchase a new laptop or a set of business books to put inside of it. Once you’ve made the purchases, all you need to do is get a couple of RetailPackaging.com gift bags to put your gifts in and you’re all set.

Pay for their transportation. People who are looking for jobs tend to be really low on cash. Therefore, they have to find a way to make every cent that they have go a very long way. Gas continues to be at an all-time high so why not “go the extra mile” by purchasing them a couple of gas cards or a free oil change and tune-up? Initially, it might not seem like much, but when that person pulls up to a service station only to realize that they don’t have to reach into their wallet, you might be surprised how grateful for your gift they will actually be!

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