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Boomer retirement is definitely going to be different than our parents’ and grandparents’ retirement was. For one thing, we haven’t had job security for something like 30 years-and we don’t have pensions, either. What we do have are falling property values, struggling portfolios, and retirement savings that aren’t quite what we want them to be.

The fact is that most of us Boomers are going to live longer after our retirements than previous generations did. Instead of just living to 75, we’re going to be around in our 80s, our 90s… and quite a few of us are going to hit 100 or more.

This means that we need to make sure that we don’t run out of retirement money before we run out of retirement, so to speak.

With that in mind, the first thing I always advise my Boomer sisters to do is to be willing to be creative when we think about our retirements. After all, we’re not just going to live longer-if we take good care of ourselves we’re going to be healthier, too, and be able to stay active well after age 65.

And it just so happens that there are tools available that will allow us to create a retirement income without having to sacrifice our retirement years to corporate jobs.

Now, you already know about the Internet or you wouldn’t be reading this article. What I’d like you to start thinking about is the fact that the Internet isn’t just a place to find information and communicate with other people.

The Internet makes it possible for you to own and operate your own business that will generate a retirement income for you.

There are a lot of ways you can go with an Internet business. You can turn an existing hobby into a business, for example. Are you a musician and an expert on classic guitars? You can create a website where you sell music instruction CDs and e-books about why Gibson is better than Fender (or the other way around).

If you’ve got an old collection of MatchBox cars or some other collectible, you can set up an Internet business trading in that collectible. If you’re a potter or jewelery-maker and your friends and family love your work, you can set up a store on Etsy to sell it.

And those are just a few of the ways you can have an Internet-based retirement business focused entirely on yourself. But you can also own an Internet business where you represent other businesses. If you’re passionate about a particular product or service, you can become an affiliate marketer for that product or service.

The Internet can be used for direct sales (seriously-look up Avon online!), too.

An Internet-based retirement business has a lot of advantages. For one thing, you can start an Internet business for anywhere from no money at all to just a few thousand dollars! For another, you can work your Internet business at any time, and from anywhere, you want. Finally, with an Internet business you’re not trading your time directly for money anymore. Your business website is open, and funding your retirement, 24/7.

We Boomers have never been all that conventional. So why should Boomer retirement be “conventional” in the sense of our collecting our (now fictional) gold watches and turning on the tube for the rest of our lives? Instead, we can continue to be contributing, helpful members of our society-only now, in our retirement, we can do it on our terms.

Joyce Becker is a successful marketing entrepreneur living in New Jersey with her husband of over 30 years. Joyce is also a trailblazer. As a woman and a Baby Boomer, she has broken molds, working in a variety of careers and providing inspiration to countless women whose lives have been touched by her spirit and energy through http://YourSecondYouthBlog.com.

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