Early Retirement Plan – 4 Golden Strategies to Leave the Rat Race Behind

Make early retirement your choice. With a plan you can happily live on without damaging your quality of life. Live with what you need instead of what you want. There is a difference. And learning to distinguish between the two is the key to an early retirement plan.

1) Needs versus Wants. What is the difference?

Needs are what you cannot do without. Like food expenses, mortgage payments, health insurance. The majority of everything else is a want. Your goal is to accumulate capital, not stuff.

If you are serious about sticking to an early retirement plan, take a good look at where your hard earned money goes.

2) How to Reduce Debt

Cut your spending. Sounds so simple, right? But how is this accomplished? By asking yourself what you spend money on, over and over. This is truly the first step to retiring early. Make a list of every penny that leaves you wallet.

Walk whenever you can. Do away with the gym membership and 500 channels. If your goal is to retire early, you need to create an early retirement plan and stick to it.

3) Live with What You Need

You do not have to live under a flower pot, eating peanut butter and crackers for twenty years to retire early. But you do have to make changes. Take control of your spending. If you continue to do what you are doing right now, will you be able to retire early? Will you be able to retire at all?

4) Work to Accumulate Capital

If you are working to buy material possessions instead of accumulating capital, retiring early will only be a pipe dream. Become thrifty to a fault. Every time you pull out your wallet, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”

Waiting until you are debt free to save is a mistake. Have your early retirement plan on paper. Read it every day. Written goals keep you focused and move you in the direction of your goals.

By knowing the difference between needs and wants, eliminating unnecessary spending, and working to accumulate capital instead of possessions, you will very quickly find yourself on the road to early retirement. Long before the government says you can retire.

By Marisa Bermudez: You can find more information about strategies for When to Retire in the free online guide at http://Your-Retirement-Paradise.com/


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