How To Impress Everyone At Your Next Book Club Meeting…Sound Like You Are Really Well Read!

If you love reading chances are you have been part of a Book Club at some time. I believe that the key to a great book club is the combination of insightful people with opinions reading books that stimulate interesting, challenging, thought-provoking discussion. But it seems no matter how hard you try to select great books for your book club it is difficult to decide on titles that lift your conversation from content and character to concepts and insights into the human condition. 

Home page of http://RupunzelReads.comIf your book club is one where the members choose the books the big challenge is always how to decide on the books to be read.  A great alternative to book store and radio/magazine/tv recommendations can be found at Rapunzel Reads, a new blog site written specifically for book club members by self-confessed book addict Kerry-Lynne Hamley. 

Kerry-Lynne has been a member of many different book clubs not only in different cities, but also in remote parts of Australia and the Middle East. With a deep knowledge and appreciation of English literature, her reviews examine each book from the perspective of a book club member who may be considering what they should recommend to their book club.  It is also invaluable for the person who loves reading and wants to expand their choices and their knowledge of contemporary "good reads". 

This site is in its infancy but already there are some excellent recommendations for your book club or your own personal reading. Eventually there will also be brief guides to popular books so if life has overtaken your good intentions you can read the "cheat's guide" before you go to your book club meeting.

So visit and bookmark Rapunzel Reads, then next time your book club is considering what books to read next, or you are discussing books with your friends, you will be able to throw in some well considered comments about various books and impress them all with how well read you are! 



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