Is Reinvention In Your Plans For 2011?

For a Baby Boomer, asking the age-old, rhetorical question – Who am I? – might at first blush seem a trifle counter-intuitive. You’d think that if you’re a Boomer, that question was answered a long, long time ago.

But was it?

And if it was, is the answer still accurate, or better yet, relevant?

For a growing number of us, it’s neither. Even if we knew who we were at some point in our lives – truth be told, any of us never really figured it out – for most of us, that’s changed. In some cases, it’s changed many times.

The other critical point here is that even if we know precisely and accurately who we are, at this stage of our lives, we should really be asking – Who should I be? I think today, that is an extremely important question to ask.

The reason of course is – or at least should be – abundantly apparent. Everything has changed. The world as we envisioned it at the beginning of our careers, a long time ago, is nothing at all like the world in which we live today.

Many of us started out thinking that we’d find a job for life, just like our parents did. For most of us, that notion didn’t last for more than a couple of years, before we were forced – or decided – to change jobs.

When we were starting out, the plan was to work hard until we were in our sixties, and then blissfully retire to our Golden Years.

We diligently saved a good portion of our “disposable” income – some of us did, some of tried, and some of us never even bothered -and carefully put it into “investment vehicles.”

Then guys like Bernie Madoff came along and stole it, or the global conspiracy against our money simply squandered it.

We were told that real estate was always a safe investment, and we plodded merrily along, finding comfort and solace in the fact that even if everything else failed, our homes would continue to appreciate in value, and would provide a nice retirement nest egg for us in the process.

And then of course the real estate market melted down, along with everything else.

All of these plans fueled our dreams of those long-awaited Golden Years. Well, here we are, and not much about our existence is golden.

In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite. The sad truth is that even if we managed to follow our plans and prepared dutifully for retirement, many of us are no closer to a comfortable retirement today than we were twenty years ago. And in some cases, we’re a lot worse off.

So here is some advice. Instead of thinking about retirement, start thinking about reinvention.

Don’t worry about what has already happened. Don’t struggle with trying to scrape together what has already been lost. Move forward.

Reinvent yourself into a career that suits your lifestyle and your age. Don’t try to survive by flipping burgers or selling suits. Become something that you want to become and do something that you want to do.

It’s time to enjoy your life. After all, you deserve it.

Joyce Becker is a successful marketing entrepreneur living in New Jersey with her husband of over 30 years. Joyce is also a trailblazer. As a woman and a Baby Boomer, she has broken molds, working in a variety of careers and providing inspiration to countless women whose lives have been touched by her spirit and energy through http://YourSecondYouthBlog.com.


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