Life After Retirement – Ideas for Retirees

Can life after retirement be exciting and interesting? It is an irony that many retirees after working hard so many years and striving to gain financial independence are complaining about boredom and a loss in direction in their lives. Retirement really should be the time to be enjoying the fruits of one’s years of labor and hard work, to relax, to catch up with friends and fellow retirees and pursue a lifelong interest that one has wanted to do but could not find the time during to their hectic working life.

There really are many options and ideas for retirees to consider to turn this phase of their lives into an exciting and meaningful one. Some suggestions include:

  1. Be a guardian and a companion to your grandchildren. Many people, especially men did not have the opportunity to bond with their children during their growing years due to their own hectic working life. Children are always a joy to be with. They are often innocent, inquisitive and active. I for one believe that spending time with children will add years to your life. They are God’s great creation.
  2. Be a tutor to your grandchildren. Yes, keep your mind active, look back to your grandchildren textbooks and be a tutor to them. It’s a great way to keep away the Alzheimer’s disease and to spend quality time with them.
  3. Be a tutor to other children. If you do not have any grandchildren, consider tutoring as a home based business for some pocket money for your expenditure. Or consider it as a charity work with a nearby Orphanage’s Home. As mentioned above, it is a great way to keep your mind active.
  4. Be a Consultant with your old firm. If the above ideas are not for you, consider the option of being re-employed with your old firm as a Consultant. Your experience may still be an asset and invaluable to your former boss. Your salary may be less but it is certainly will be less stressful than previously when you were a full time employee.
  5. Going back to school to strive for a diploma or degree in the field of your interest is also another great way of keeping your mind active.
  6. Becoming a volunteer at places such as schools, libraries, religious and other charitable organizations and meeting up with other charitable souls can do wonders and meaning to your life.
  7. Going back to full time employment. Of course the one ultimate option to some who are workaholic in nature is to go back into full time employment. For these people, work is matter of choice rather than desperation, other they will find a huge void in their lives.

As highlighted above, there are certainly many meaningful ideas for retirees for them to indulge in during their life after retirement. The retirement years should be the time of your life and there is certainly little time to be bored. As the saying goes, “don’t simply retire from something, have something to retire to”, and you will find your life after retirement to be joyful and meaningful.

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