Retirement Worries? An Alternative for Retiring Baby Boomers

The economic news is full of grim facts about the retirement picture for Baby Boomers: More Baby Boomers retiring and fewer people working is putting a strain on the Social Security program.

Government is considering raising the retirement age to 70 in the next twenty years.

But many Baby Boomers are working in jobs that put debilitating stress on their aging bodies; some of these hard-workers are wondering how they are going to make it to 66, let alone to 70.

2.2 million Baby Boomers are out of work and have been for six months. They are concerned that they may not be able to find jobs before it is time for them to retire.

There was a time when Baby Boomers weren’t so dependent upon Social Security. Many of them just kept working until they could work no longer. They built up pensions, owned homes, saved for their “golden years” – much of which was spent in the bosom of their extended family. Think the Waldens. But that was yesterday and, as the Beatles sang, “Yesterday’s gone.”

So, what’s a Boomer to do? An alternative that increasing numbers of Boomers are looking at is a computer-based home business.

The benefits of this should be apparent in that word “home”. It means that the aging Boomer doesn’t have to settle for a low-paying, high-stress, and physically demanding job but can work from home, on their computer.

It also means that they don’t have to have a physical site like a store front, a large inventory, or a warehouse to store it in.

This is much less physically demanding – though it does use a different set of muscles and the newbie home marketer may find that his or her feet, knees, and back don’t hurt as much but his or her neck, shoulders and derriere are stiff and sore.

Changing positions, taking breaks and walking around, and some simple stretches can help these new aches and pains.

It is also less financially demanding – it doesn’t require the thousands of dollars that a brick and mortar business demands in start up. One has to be careful to avoid the come-ons, and all the opportunities to spend more money than necessary, but it is possible to get started with minimal capital output.

A warning is necessary though: Do not expect to get rich quick online. There are lots of internet marketing schemes out there that promise amazing incomes in exchange for two or three hours of work a day. Don’t fall for them.

If you are not yet retired, you can start now to build your business in your spare time, but please realize that it is going to take time and work to get to the point where you are earning a useful income.

Sara Dillinger is an Elder in the United Methodist Church, currently on leave of absence. You may check out her website at: http://www.for-boomers.com

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