Six Networking Tips To Use On The Road to Your Success

Your journey on the road to success has many choices on how best to apply your talents and knowledge. We work on our changing our habits that increase our chances of success. We should also be working on changing those have to things into choose to things. You should also apply time to Network Your Way To Personal and Business Success.

Much of the business world is spending time trying to attract customers so we can grow our business. That can be expensive and very time-consuming. There is a great way to get exposure at a very little financial cost to you. It’s called networking. Before you go and say “I can’t stand to be in a room full of pushy sales and business people”, you need to look at this from a different perspective. I would suggest that you drop the what’s in it for me attitude. Other people in the room will sense you out if that is your agenda. Here are Six Networking Tips to Use On The Road To Your success.

I personally feel that you first need to make it make it fun. Just imagine you are at a cocktail party with a room full of people you may not know. Now this group is after all a group of people from different walks of life who have a story to tell and so do you.

I have learned several ways to break the ice that I find effective. Scan the room and try to find a person alone or a group of three or more. One should at first avoid cutting in or imposing on a one on one conversation.

Find a person standing alone in the room can win you big points and an opportunity should you go and introduce yourself. A good opener is ” This is my first time at an event with this group. Do you mind me asking if you have been here before?” If it is their first time you have broken the ice. If it is not their first time then you would ask ” Well it’s mine and I don’t know a person in the room.” Take note this is you who is asking questions and looking for advise. This will then lead to other questions you may ask about the other individual. Who there are. What they do etc. In my opinion the best way to continue is to make the conversation about them. Don’t worry they will start to ask questions about you.

Be sure you are genuine. It is key to be listening to what they say. If your thinking about the next question your going to ask or say something about you while they are talking your done. As they say you only have one chance at a first impression.

Find a good way to move along to another person or group once the conversation gets difficult or stale. Hand over your business card and ask for theirs.

Tomorrow you should drop them an email and say how nice it was to meet them. If there was a business fit you can try to move it along to a future business meeting. If it was not a fit and they liked and trusted you there is an opportunity for them to be a referral for potential customers.

There are many things one must do to achieve success. Using networking as a source for referrals is fantastic. It might take a little longer that the direct sales approach. I call it pulling business instead of pushing business. It’s fun to.

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