Baby Boomers and the Midlife Transition – How to Stop Getting Old

When midlife is upon you, it’s time to be developing habits to take you into healthy aging. The midlife transition is an awesome time to make certain that your life is moving in the direction you want it to go. No matter how old you are, it’s important to stay healthy and control any negative effects of aging. It’s easy to do if you follow the following 5 steps.

Step 1. See Yourself as You Want To Be

It’s important to have a clear vision of how you want your life to look in the next 10, 20 or even 30 years., How do you want your body to look and behave. What would you like to experience mentally in these time periods? Once you have a clear picture, make a commitment to it. Who you are BEING is far more important than anything you DO, and once you make a commitment, it is easier to remain true to who you want to BE. . Just be sure not to let the media or other people tell you what is possible (or impossible!)

Step 2. Create a list of the attributes you want to enjoy in 5 years, 10 years, 20 or more

What are the physical, emotional, and mental attributes you want to enjoy? For example, how far would you like to be able to walk each day?

– 3 miles, 5 miles? If your like my 91 year old mother, you might want to be able to complete a daily crossword puzzle each day – using a PEN!

Think about any of the qualities you already possess and want to hold onto. You might also take a quick look at the kinds of things you want to avoid that you would consider getting ‘old’. Both mental and physical fitness are a matter of continual diligence. It IS possible once you’ve chosen it.

Step 3. Develop daily wellness and conscious ageing habits.

Begin today to do the things you want to be doing 5 or 10 years from now. Start that walking routine NOW. Speak to that part of you that says I’m too tired or too busy and invite it to do it anyway. Practice deep breathing – it’s amazing how shallow our breath can become when we start feeling stress. Take deep breaths periodically through the day until it becomes second nature. And, while you are at it, drink plenty of fresh water. Stretch and do some form of exercise – like Yoga or Tai Chi. As your mother used to say, ‘eat yOther easy ideas-Add more fruit a your vegetables and add fresh fruit to your diet if it is not a part of it already., Stop the fast food routine now and eat only vitamin rich foods. You deserve it..

Step 4. Watch your self-talk

Whenever you hear yourself say, “I Can’t”, change your thoughts to something you easily CAN do. Focus on what is possible, not on what you think may be impossible. Actually, nothing is impossible – it just might take a little longer and a little more commitment. Instead of remembering what I used to be able to do when I was twenty, I have developed a habit of mentally listing the things I can now do that I couldn’t do then – and practice gratitude for them each day., Be careful not to blame ANYTHING on your age and don’t let anyone else’s opinion of what is possible become yours (unless, of course, it helps stretch your beliefs even more!). more.

Step 5. Continue to believe that You Can Age Well, Consciously and Vibrantly

It is totally possible to control the process of aging. Ask yourself, Do I believe that? If not, what can you do to help change your belief? “It is done unto you as you believe.” Life gives us what we expect. Expect to Grow Wiser, Freer and More Alive each day. And Watch it happen.

And so, I would like to offer a support system to help you to continue to enjoy your Midlife Transition. In fact, I’m all about creating a new Midlife paradigm. When you subscribe to my free Reinvent Midlife newsletter, you’ll receive instant access to a special report called, “7 Secrets for Reinventing Midlife from the Inside-Out”. Go now to http://www.reinventmidlife.com

From Dr. Toni LaMotta,The Midlife Mentor, Inspirational Keynote Speaker,Best-Selling Author of “What You REALLY Want, Wants You”


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