Easy to Follow Tips for Anti Aging

Let me ask you a question. Do you follow tips for anti aging based on the latest “what’s your secret?” interview of the hottest celebrity currently in the news? If so, you’ve probably jumped around from one set of tips to another, only to be disappointed with the results. The truth is, the only beauty secrets these celebrities have are professional makeup and lighting artists. Other than that, these women struggle with the exact same challenges of keeping young skin as you do.

No, there really isn’t any magic bullet that’s going to keep you young and beautiful. Fortunately, though, you can truly achieve the youthful, healthy complexion you want, by sticking to tips for anti aging which are based on common sense and sound recommendations for the safest, healthiest substances for supporting your skin’s natural ability to remain young and vibrant. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from these tips.


Control Sun Exposure

Let’s face it. You can’t completely eliminate exposure to the sun. The truth is you need sunlight to receive necessary doses of Vitamin D. Without it, your bone health can be compromised, along with your immunity.

Moderate exposure is fine. It’s the overexposure to sunlight which has the potential for making you old and wrinkled before your time. This is because large doses of sunlight can harm your production of a substance known as hyaluronan, whose job it is to repair your damaged tissues.

And I’m sure you’re well-aware of the fact that too much sun puts you at risk for skin cancer.

So controlling sun exposure is as simple as staying out of the sun during peak sunshine hours, which are 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. If you absolutely have to go outdoors during this period, just wear a hat or use a parasol. You should also make sure your arms are covered with long sleeves.

You may have noticed that I haven’t said anything about using sunscreen. Well, sunscreen really isn’t healthy because it is made with a whole bunch of synthetic chemicals. These substances expose you to unnecessary health risks which you are better off avoiding.

Increase the Amount of Water You Drink

Any effective tips for anti aging will include the recommendation to increase your water intake. Water for your body is like motor oil for your car. Water keeps your entire physical system, including your skin, working properly. Keeping your skin cells properly hydrated allows them to function at optimal levels, which means they produce the natural substances which keep your skin smooth and supple.

Turbo-Charge Your Diet

You may not realize it, but increasing your intake of green, leafy vegetables can have a tremendous beneficial effect on your skin. These foods contain loads of antioxidant which go to work destroying harmful free radicals.

The #1 cause of aging skin are free radicals. These menacing molecules go after your healthy skin cells in order to steal what they need to survive. Without a way to battle free radicals your skin begins to lose its tone and texture. That’s why it’s so important to keep healthy levels of antioxidants coursing through your skin to defend against any damage. And the easiest, most powerful way to do this is to eat your vegetables.

Support Your Skin Cells With All-Natural Substances

Among the most important tips for anti aging is to support the health of your skin cells with the best, all-natural skin care products. The majority of the cosmetic products on the market today are commonly made with high concentrations of synthetic chemicals which can’t provide any benefit to your cells. While they may give you a temporary youthful appearance, this is only a cosmetic trick achieved with line and wrinkle fillers.

If you truly want your skin to stay young and beautiful you must make sure you nourish it with substances which have been proven to support healthy cells. Healthy skin cells produce ample amounts of collagen and elastin which is, actually, Nature’s beauty secret. Additionally, your levels of hyaluronic acid, also known as the “youth molecule,” can be substantially maintained with proper cell nourishment.

Some of the most effective natural substances for stimulating the production of this essential skin support include Japanese sea kelp (wakame) and Co Enzyme Q10. Other key benefits can be acquired from additional natural substances like shea butter, jojoba, avocado, and macadamia nut oils, as well as, natural vitamin E, functional keratin, babbasu, and active Manuka honey.

So there you have it! Some easy to follow tips for anti aging which you can count on for great results. I know if you consistently use these tips, you’ll never be tempted to listen to the bogus advice of a celebrity again.

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