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Good health and living a healthy lifestyle are what most of us want but don’t always achieve. Let’s keep it in mind as we live these great years of our lives.

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Caring for Older Parents

Caring for Older Parents: 5 Tips for Balancing Decision-Making and Keeping Sibling Relationships Intact

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / February 25, 2011

For many in America, elderly care is growing concern, considering that a large sector of the population 40 million by government estimates, is over 65, 16% of which reported that […]

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How To Design A Basic Exercise Program For The Forty Plus Adult

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / January 18, 2011

Robin, a healthy forty-six year old working mother of two college students needed to lose thirty pounds. She had been on many diets in the past but always gained the […]

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Baby Boomers and the Midlife Transition – How to Stop Getting Old

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / September 21, 2010

When midlife is upon you, it’s time to be developing habits to take you into healthy aging. The midlife transition is an awesome time to make certain that your life […]

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Baby Boomer Guide to Getting Fit and Losing Weight

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / September 3, 2010

I want to provide for you a “Three Part Guide” that will help us Baby Boomers get fit and lose some weight at the same time. It’s really just common […]

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