Baby boomers have seriously impacted society at every stage of their lives, just through sheer numbers and the resulting trends that have emerged as a result of so many people reaching similar stages of life in a relatively short period of time. The end result is that these millions of baby boomers are now approaching or have reached traditional retirement age.

What have you done to plan for your retirement?
Have you made great plans only to find them knocked sideways by the global financial crisis or other unexpected problem? Will you spend the next exciting part of your life feeling fulfilled and in control of your life? Or are you just hoping that things will turn out okay?

Perhaps it’s time to stop guessing and hoping and instead make plans that give you control of your destiny.

Governments are unlikely to generously reward you for working hard all your life. When baby boomers have left the workforce, and are enjoying the longevity that we are likely to have, there will be fewer people in the work force paying taxes so governments will be struggling to help retirees in any way.

Some people will need, or choose, to carry on working as employees far longer than they expected to maintain their standard of living. Many older workers are now considering their options. Some will resent their need to continue working and this will affect their attitude to life.

But many are recognizing that this could be their opportunity to live life on their terms, to use their lifetime of skills and experience productively to enhance their future financial security and to create for themselves the lifestyle that they always dreamed of having. 

This book is all about making choices to enhance your chosen lifestyle, the lifestyle that will give you the way of life that you want. It’s also about taking action in proven and reliable ways to give you financial freedom. It shows you the pitfalls and mistakes many people make in planning for their future. It introduces you to some simple but effective ways to improve your future financial freedom.

Rethinking Your Retirement is a step-by-step guide to help you help yourself. Read on and learn how to take control of your own destiny.
Discover how to make your retirement lifestyle dreams, your lifestyle freedom, become a reality.

Jenni Proctor

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