Make It Happen – Retirement Lifestyle (Part 7)

Throughout your life you’ve heard this so many times before: It will take time. This phrase may be used as an excuse when something is not working. It may seem like an excuse to explain why you may not achieve instant success. But look at it from the other side. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without an effort.

This is where that magic ingredient of perseverance comes into play. Your plan is in place, your combined lifestyle and venture as an internet entrepreneur is ready to go, meaning only one thing remains. You have to make it happen.

Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the unsuccessful ones is pure perseverance.”

Chart your progress
Some people tackle a project and feel after a while they are getting nowhere fast. They lose heart, drop their bundle and, horror of horrors, sometimes they even give up.

You can prevent that by having a visible record of your progress. It could be a diary listing of what you did that day or that week. It could be a list of goals that you mark off once they have been achieved or it could even be that you set up a reward system for yourself, so you mark each achievement of a goal in some way.

By being able to look back over your progress you will get a sense of pride in your achievements and see how much closer you are to reaching your destination.

Fly the nest
It may be difficult to remember when you were a teenager but there was a time when you left the family home and started out on your own. Well that time has come again. The only difference is that you are some decades older.

With all your planning and all your new-found knowledge, the only thing missing is you and your action. Just as you left home all those years ago and struck out on your own, now you must make the same leap of faith. Grab the opportunity you are offered and literally make it happen.

Jenni Proctor

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