Opportunities – Freedom Retirement Lifestyle (Part 6)

One of the best ways to learn is by making mistakes. That doesn’t mean you should go out and deliberately fail in order to become better. but it’s true that learning from your mistakes can be a great way to move forward.

Opportunities written on slateHowever it is even better if you can learn from other people’s blunders, saving you the time and heartache of making the same mistakes.

Baby boomers are everywhere doing all sorts of interesting things.

One of the really great aspects of this lifestyle change is knowing that others have already taken the plunge. Baby boomers around the world have already made the decision to combine their retirement dreams with a plan to boost their personal wealth. Hearing or reading of their successes and their mistakes can be a source of inspiration and learning.

Personal stories are a great source of knowledge. If you want to learn the way forward, who better to advise you than someone of your age and background who has been there and done that?

If you’ve ever been traveling and met someone who has been to a place you intend to visit, it can be really helpful to hear of their experiences. “Don’t take road X because it is too narrow for caravans.” “Don’t go to the cathedral on Tuesdays because most of it is closed for special purposes.” “The best restaurant in town is called Y.”

Getting tips from someone who has tackled what you plan to tackle can be a great help. You get the benefit of hearing from many who have started the journey and become successful. You hear about their mistakes and their triumphs. They are the best of teachers.

Through BoomersNextStep.com you will have access to many people’s stories, through interviews and articles. There will be a variety of stories, all related to the next step that boomers may choose to take in their Career, Lifestyle, Business, Leisure and Travel. I do hope you will enjoy them and find their stories inspirational. We will all carve out our unique way of living, but it is wonderful to be inspired by the experiences of others while you make your plans.


Jenni Proctor

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