Are You Considering An Online Business?

Are You Considering An Online Business? BoomersNextStep has the tips and information that you need to know.

Over the last ten years the world has moved online…business, learning, shopping, marketing, even ordering a takeaway dinner.   The advantages and convenience are obvious (most of the time) but what does it mean to you if you are considering an online business, or other business possibilities, for yourself?

Increasingly baby boomers are considering an online business as a very viable alternative to seeking employment, a way of creating a business that brings in an income through your own endeavors, skills and preferred style of working.

The thought of having to learn how to make a business succeed online can be daunting for those who can see its potential but haven’t been actively involved in how to make it happen.

Learning About Online Business

I have been working in this space for some years and have been to so many seminars, attended so many workshops, participated in so many webinars, that if I had put that effort into a PhD I’d have completed it and written a followup book by now!   It’s become a bit of an obsession for me I think.

By nature I’m a lifelong learner.  I love learning about new things or hearing similar ideas expressed from a different perspective.   I have been fascinated by all things to do with the internet and have watched the “normalization” of working in this space over the last few years.  For a lot of that time I was considering an online business but did not feel comfortable telling people of my interest.  It seemed such a departure from my previous career choices.

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Ten years ago if I was attending an internet marketing workshop I would tell people I was going to a “business” workshop, which was true but was definitely putting up a smoke screen.  Why?  Because I found then that people treated internet businesses with mistrust.  I would have to explain to them it was the way business was going, and that perfectly respectable normal people like me needed to learn about it.  Now I happily proclaim my interest in blogging, social media and internet marketing to anyone.

I’m going to be blogging about working online, particularly from the perspective of baby boomers considering an online business that uses their skills, experience and expertise while giving them new challenges and their choice of working environment.

So my big question is:

What would you like to know if your are considering an online business?

Let us know through our Contact page and let’s have a chat.  If you’d like to suggest a topic for a blog post I’d love to hear from you and will respond with an informative blog post as quickly as I can.


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