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Boom in number of older entrepreneurs

By Jenni Proctor / August 31, 2017

In the last 10 years there has been a huge 140% increase in the number of entrepreneurs aged 65 and older, according to Barclays Business in the UK. In the […]

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Baby Boomers and Seniors in the Digital Era

By Jenni Proctor / August 8, 2013

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When is a good time to start a new business for baby boomers

By Jenni Proctor / March 4, 2013

If you are thinking about starting a new business, it is best that you do it before you officially retire. There is a couple of benefits of doing so which […]

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5 ways to promote your startup

By Jenni Proctor / December 15, 2012

It’s never easy to start a small business, but now may just be the perfect time. The economy is still in recession and hiring has slowed to a crawl. So […]

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Start a new business or buy an existing one

By Jenni Proctor / November 1, 2012

It has always been clear that entrepreneurism is the surest path towards financial freedom. But in 2012 it may also be the only sure bet on the table. The costs […]

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Financing options for boomers who want to start a business after 40

By Jenni Proctor / October 23, 2012

Starting a business after 40 can be a good way to generate after retirement income. All businesses however require financing some form of financing. Depending on what kind of businesses […]

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