During Hard Economic Times Supplement Your Income Selling on eBay

During these hard times all across the globe, people are looking for ways to supplement their income, be it their work income, or their retirement income. Do you have a fixed income and wish that there was a way to supplement your income to have the extra things that you may be doing without? Have you been laid off or lost your job and now only work a part-time job instead of the great full-time job that you once held? There is a way that you can supplement your income by cleaning out your basements, garages and closets! You can even turn garage sales, yard sales, and resale shop visits into a supplemental income. Selling on eBay can help you to earn extra money and is much easier than you may think.

As a homemaker with two children and a caregiver of the elderly, when my husband lost his long standing manufacturing job with the auto industry two years ago, I had to look for a way to supplement our unemployment income. In the very rural area in which we live, there are basically no jobs available, so I knew I needed to contribute to my husband’s income and it had to be something that would allow me the freedom to set my own hours for working so that I could have the freedom to continue to take care of elderly parents with medical needs, and raise our two children. eBay was the perfect solution for my needs! With a little bit of trial and error, and hitting the resale shops, I was able to sell little girls clothes on eBay and become a power seller within 4 months. The income that I generated from my eBay sales was enough to make ends meet for our family. You too, can make a lucrative income selling on eBay!

It is very easy to get started making an income selling on eBay. There are a few simple steps that you will need to do to get started, and then the sky is the limit! Most people get started by cleaning out their closets and garages. They find items that are of value but not valuable or used by them any longer. Remember, that old saying “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure”? You will find that this saying is very true. You can even shop your resale shops as well as garage sales on weekends to purchase items of interest to resell on eBay. It is time to start looking through your closets and your garage and find some treasures to sell and start earning extra income on eBay!

The first step to selling on eBay is to go to eBay.com and register to make an account. Once you have made your account you have taken the first step to earning an income on eBay. Most eBay sellers require a PayPal account in order to receive payments from their buyers. It is much easier than sending and check or money order, and buyers can also pay by credit card through PayPal. You can establish a PayPal account by logging on to PayPal.com, and follow the instructions to get your account information verified. PayPal is a very safe and user protected service for sending and receiving money and payments for services and products. You can also use PayPal to do your shipping for items that you sell.

There are two selling formats you can select from to sell your products on eBay. There is “auction” style and “buy it now” style. You can start your auction with any minimum bid and/or list your “buy it now” price for your item. There are different lengths of times you can pick for your auctions also. eBay charges a fee for listing your auctions and a final value fee that is based on the final sales price of your item. These fees are full explained and disclosed in your user agreement. eBay offers the option of three, five, seven and ten day auction lengths. Once you have picked your auction style and the length for your auction to run, it is time to write your item description. You will need to write a detailed description of your item. There are independent auction template websites that offer different styles of templates for your auctions. These sites charge a monthly fee to become a member and to have access to their services. The two most used are auctiva.com and sellerssourcebook.com. These sites and their templates allow you to design a professional eye catching auction with the goal in mind to attract buyers to your items.

It is important to take clear, colorful pictures of your items to post with your auction for perspective buyers to be able to see your great item. eBay provides an upload application to easily upload your pictures to your auction.

In regards to shipping, you can pick your shipping method for your item and list your shipping fee. It is smart to purchase a postal scale so that you can use PayPal shipping to process and ship your items, or you can use the USPS Flat Rate shipping service for a flat rate. It is important to not over charge for shipping and handling of your item, as you will be receiving feedback from your buyers.

Sellers and buyers rely on a feedback system to rate each other and their transactions. Over time a seller with good feedback and one who sells a large number of items in a month, can complete enough transactions and earn enough positive feedback from buyers to meet the needed criteria to become a “Power Seller”. This means as a seller that you have reached the top spot as a seller on eBay.

Whether or not you are unemployed, laid off, a homemaker or just looking to make some money off of your unused household items, eBay is a great place to begin turning your trash into someone else’s treasure! It can be a lucrative career for someone who is motivated and willing to find the great items that buyers are willing to bid on and purchase. eBay has been called the garage sale of the universe. Meg Whitman, the founder of eBay, and CEO until March of 2008, had a vision to provide a platform for entrepreneurship that would allow people to earn a living selling on eBay. She is now one of the fifty most influential and successful CEO’s in the world.

While you may not aspire to become a “Meg Whitman”, you can supplement your income or even earn a substantial income selling on eBay. The choice it completely up to you as to what type of items you want to sell, what format you wish to sell your items with, as well as how often or when you choose to sell items on eBay. This makes selling on eBay the perfect, flexible, and profitable venture. Please refer to the links below for other great information and resources for successful selling on eBay. The sky is your limit…Get started earning income on eBay today! Don’t wait any longer to empty those unwanted and unused items from the coffers of your home, and begin to earn and supplement your income today!

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