How to Become a Freelance Article Writer

You only have to look as far as your favorite to find work as a freelance article writer. But, there are some ways to find the jobs that pay the best. Here are some ways to become a freelance article writer.

Nearly all industries have a need for articles. But, you need to target a specific industry. Regardless if you market to advertising agencies, Internet marketing companies, public relations agencies, or web design businesses, if you target a specific industry will make it easier for you to get a job.

All industries have their own customs and language. It makes it easier to concentrate on one industry when you make contact. The reason for this is because you can customize your marketing message to one business rather that the industry as a whole. The best way to determine which industry to target is to consider the volume of their accounts. Their marketing base needs to be sufficiently large o that you won’t run out of prospects.

In order to have a consistent schedule you should create a marketing calendar. When you market for a freelance writing job, you are playing a numbers game. When you have an unlimited number of prospects to contact, it is easy to get too busy and too disorganized to market properly. Having a marketing calendar will help with both of these problems. All that is required is a document that has the date you contacted the company, the email address, the URL, and the name of the company.

You should create a standard sales message. Article marketing is a marketing strategy on the Internet and you contacts to potential clients will be by means of email. All that’s required is a short note introducing your service to the clients.

Once you have created a standard sales message and determined which industry that you’re targeting, you can begin track your marketing efforts and start looking for prospects. Type in your browser the keywords for your targeted industry, such as web design firm and a list of prospects will come up. Locate the contact information. You may only find a name but you may only find an email address with a contact form that will have to be filled out. Place all of the pertinent information into your contact file. You can either find all of the contact information first or contact the companies as you find them.

Use your marketing calendar to track the number of companies that you’ve contacted. Continually contact potential companies until your roster of clients is full. You will also begin to see a pattern develop with regard to the number of companies that you have to contact prior to you getting a writing job.

By Rod Bradley. Click here to learn more about being an Article Writer

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