Over 50? Find a Job Fast by Creating One

The dismal stats from the American Association of Retired Persons Public Policy suggests workers over age 55 have seen an increase of

331.4% in unemployment. Americas News Online states workers over the age of 55 are 17% more likely to remain unemployed longer. They suggest it’s because they’re less likely to accept an entry level position. It’s hard to accept an entry level position but for some it’s their only temporary option to avoid financial ruin. If you’re over 55 and you’re facing unemployment threatening to last for more than 12 months, what are your options? Monster.com reports 89% of half of all job seekers said they’d consider a career change if it will help them find work.

If you’re over 55 and unemployed, you’re too young to retire. You still have lots of energy, productivity and good ideas to offer. But what are you going to do for money? Want to know a secret? You can re-invent yourself in a new career today. What the Best Career Choice for you?

    Create your own job by turning your passions and interests into income by re-inventing yourself in a new career.

    If you’ve decided you want to stay in an organization for now, here are 8 steps to facilitate your change:

    If you’ve decided you want to stay in an organization for now, here are 8 steps to facilitate your change:

    Change your perspective about yourself. Don’t see yourself as the job description of your former job. Consider the skills you’ve acquired throughout your life.

    Now pick your new career based on your interests or passions and evaluate it’s potential for growth. At this stage of your life, it should be something you have a knack for and are genuinely interested in.

    Identify your strongest skills either through self evaluation or assessments.

    Now re-engineer your skills to match your future employer’s needs.

    Perform Informational Interviews with professionals in the field you’re interested in. Use the information you gather to refine your resume and build your network of contacts.

    Get aggressive about Networking. I mean tell everyone, you’ve decided what you want to be when you grow up and let them know you’re looking for a job in your new field. By the way, Harvey MacKay believes this is the best way to get ahead in today’s economy.

    If you need new skills (i.e. education) to plug gaps in the mandatory skill sets for your new career, research the multiple low to no-cost options available to you through your city or state sponsored programs.

    Take Action.

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