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Do you love to voice your opinion on paper, have you always dreamed of writing a book? Do you like to voice your opinions on any and every subject that is a hot topic in the news? It does not take a journalism degree to make some money to supplement your retirement income. You are wise to the ways of the world, and have experiences, and stories to tell right? You can make a decent living if the effort is put forth to integrate your expertise and knowledge , and share all you know with the cyber world.

Retirement is a dream, and although you may not fathom the reality of it with the economy , health care, and just scraping by to make ends meat, you may be surprised at what you can do. You can retire! You can make it happen by integrating your knowledge and skills into a written form to share with the entire world. There are many ways to make money on the Internet. One by writing and being a freelance writer.

I used to be a hospice nurse, but the monotony of watching people die got to me after years. I decided to pursue a more positive life with an income I thought I would never accrue to an extent. I wanted a more positive side to life, and I had no clue that my passion and my journalism degree would take me to the realm where I have arrived today. Yes! This is indeed a reality! I make money doing something I am passionate about, my calling to say the least. I have the convenience of making my own hours, writing, and making a good living off freelancing.

After a long awaited hiatus from nursing I was perusing the Internet and stumbled on an article about the various freelance writing sites. Me being the ambitious individual that I am said to myself what do I have to lose? Well, it took a bit of getting used to as you are bidding against many people of various writing niches, and experience.. I had no portfolio to begin with so I just wrote from my heart with all that I knew. With a few weeks I landed my first job at scriptlance.com. This is a very reputable site folks! Let me say that you are protected here.  However there are people that are not so honest out there and you must beware as sometimes you can be writing your heart out to get paid and never receive a cent. Earn your reputation and you will be rewarded with clients that touch your life, pay you well, and respect and appreciate the things that you do for them.

You do not have to have experience, you do not have to be an editor, you just need to put forth effort and write with passion. That’s what I did. I started at the bottom of the chain and have worked my way up. I now have so many clients that are faithful to me and I have plenty of work to provide for my family and then some! Do not think it is all peaches though; sometimes there are slow payers. Some people want a lot for free, and sometimes you take a loss, but just do what you do.  Research, effort, and persistence will prevail.

If you are asking how to get started, I have some tips for you.

Create an account at the various freelance sites: Scriptlance, Get A Freelancer, and Elance. You want to build a reputation so if you see a job that interests you research it and write about it in a sample form that is impressive, free of grammatical errors, and speaks for your individual writing style.  You will want to bid low at first.  Do not worry as you will earn seniority as your reputation grows.

  • Try to have a portfolio if you have ever had anything published.
  • Be yourself, be original, and never claim to be something you are not.
  • Look at reviews of the client and make sure they are reputable in paying promptly.
  • Show them your stuff! Originality, uniqueness, effort, and commitment are highly valued.
  • Be consistent, original, do not plagiarize, and leave no room for grammatical errors or spelling errors.
  • Deliver in a reasonable amount of time;  develop your reputation as being dependable, personable, and reliable.

There is much, much more to mastering and being the superior writer as the competition is vast, but you can set yourself apart from the others by dedication, quality, and uniqueness. I’m not saying you can make a million, but you can earn some money on the side. You just have to educate yourself on the ways of the online freelancing world and pursue it with the best and utmost effort and intention!

Article contributed by Heidi – heidi@retirelikeme.com

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