From Unemployed To Unemployable

With the unemployment rate staying stubbornly high, a new phenomenon is beginning to emerge among the ranks of the unemployed. This is called the unemployable. As the time people had their last full-time job gets longer, the chances of picking up their career where they left off starts to become increasing unlikely. This could push even highly educated or highly skilled workers into lower paying jobs forever.

Let’s say you are a human resources director, looking to fill a particular position in your company. You have sifted through the hundreds of applications received and it has now come down to three individuals that look best suited for the job in question. All three have received the education required and you are trying to decide which one will receive your offer. Of the three applicants, who all seem equally qualified, one has been out of work for three months and two of them have been unemployed for almost two years. Which one would you choose?

In fact in some cases the two who lost their full-time jobs two years ago have since been forced to take part-time employment, one with Home Depot and the other as a waiter in a restaurant. They just couldn’t afford to use their unemployment time to further their education in their respective fields and make themselves “more attractive” candidates.

This problem seems to be reaching epidemic proportions as the chances of finding meaningful employment in the career of choice continue to be remote and the sluggish economy shows no signs of turning the corner yet. To make matters worse, there are millions of people “out of work” that never show up in the government’s statistics. These are people who had their own businesses that went under. They have no income but as they were never “employed” they never show up in the ranks of the unemployed or those receiving unemployment checks.

So what do the unemployable do? They could wait (for years) for the economy to become so hot that companies will start employing people with huge gaps in their careers as a last resort. If they have enough money in their “emergency fund” they could reeducate themselves in their current profession or choose a completely different course. If they have enough capital they may even be able to buy a franchise and start their own business. But that still leaves the large majority, which is believed to be several millions, with a serious problem.

One option, which many turn their backs on, is the network marketing industry. It requires very little money to start and therefore contains almost zero risk; it spans many types of products and/or services from which to choose; can be pursued either full-time of part-time, even when looking for that illusive job; pays commensurate for the effort invested and can often become the self-employed position we all would like to have. People just need to be more open to other opportunities.

Colin Buckingham is a global Internet entrepreneur who believes a great solution for many of today’s economic woes is to go out and start working for yourself. He also believes one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to start out on your own is to join more than one MLM company. Colin has spent the past ten years as a financial adviser and has seen many of the problems people face financially many of which could have been resolved with just a small additional income every month. http://ditchthatjob.com

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