Considering Retirement

People talk a lot about how important it is to have a passion for the work you do, but sometimes even the things you have a passion for can lose some of their attraction over time.

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I love my work, but right now the prospect of being on a permanant holiday – the traditional form of retirement – is so very appealing.

I have spent two weeks over Christmas and New Year relaxing and doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, with few constraints.  Certainly I spent many hours preparing, cooking and serving food for a few days around Christmas, and that’s hard work but it’s also a labour of love.

I didn’t achieve much but I wasn’t bone idle the whole time. We went boating for several days and that always involves some physical exertion.  I swam and did gentle aquarobics two or three times daily, often for up to an hour.  It was a beautiful way to spend the time, almost meditative and certainly very relaxing.

What it boils down to is that when I was “on holidays” I could read until late if I felt like it (often), sleep until late if I wanted to (never), eat at all the wrong times (regularly), immerse myself in the pool (consistently), listen to good music (constantly) and almost never feel rushed for time. I loved all that.

Yet I have always protested that I didn’t want to retire from my business until I was well beyond the traditional retirement age. I thought I would lose my sense of purpose and would no longer be doing the things I love to do.

Perhaps I was looking at all that from the wrong angle. Perhaps the things I love to do in my working life are an important part of who I am, but the things I love to do in my holidays reflect the essence of me.

So the reality is here and I need to get on with things.  It’s a new year with new and ongoing business commitments.  It’s a year in which I intended to achieve a great deal.

Could it be that I’m just feeling the “post holiday blues” and need to shake myself out of it?  Or perhaps I am being given new insights into how people feel when they start to think they’d like to retire. As a career and transition coach for baby boomers I see the irony in my feeling the pain so I can better understand the pain of my clients.

Are you feeling similar thoughts going back to work?  And is it making you start to wonder if retirement might not be a bad idea?


Our solution has been to create a hybrid retirement lifestyle – part income producing, part traditional retirement. It’s working for us because we are loving the mental stimulation, the challenge and the fun of learning new ways of doing things, but we are also still enjoying our travel, sailing and generally great lifestyle.

The business commitments take up time, of course, but they don’t dominate our lives. It’s as if we have taken up a new hobby in our retirement, something like genealogy or writing a book, which many people do. It just happens that our “new hobby” is bringing in an income to enhance the lifestyle. Win-win! If you’d like to know more about the system we are using click on the banner below, to find out about this system from the perspective of two baby boomers who have done very well using the system.

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