What’s Stopping You From Retiring?

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Chances are your brain is shouting at you …”Money! I haven’t got enough Superannuation and Assets to keep me going a long time. What if I live until I’m 95??? My money will run out before I do.”

And then the thoughts turn to “Is there any way I could create more income when I’m getting closer to retirement?”

Have you have ever wished you could create a future lifestyle that you would love? Perhaps you’ve wondered if you could create a business that would give you a financial boost to make some of your bigger dreams possible? Then this invitation is for you.

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There are so many ways in which you can use your skills and experience to create additional income.  Here are three main directions you can choose.

Get a Job

Perhaps you would like to have an additional stream of income regularly boosting your retirement savings. Or perhaps the desire for more purpose in your life, or the social aspect of work, have lead you to consider getting a job. Yet it can seem so daunting to start a job search as an older worker.  You can improve your chances dramatically by using the right strategies. We have many articles and resources to help you with your job search. It’s what we have done for years.  Our retirement planning guide will help you determine if this is a good option for you.

Create a Business

Baby Boomers are a high proportion of the people starting new businesses. Recently retired people, or those planning to retire soon, frequently seek possible ways of bringing a new challenge into their lives, of giving themselves a new identity.  Some choose to earn income from the same skills that formed the core of their previous employment.  Others learn completely new skills to create an online business.

Traditional Retirement

We grew up with a traditional retirement, particularly an early retirement, being the carrot that was dangled before us as the goal to strive for. But reality doesn’t always meet our expectations does it. For many people a traditional retirement is their ideal lifestyle, full of bucket list achievements and purposeful activities. The retirement planning guide “Create a Future You’ll Love” will help you to determine if your dream of a traditional retirement is right for you, and will help you start to plan your future lifestyle.

We are so fortunate to live in a country, and in an era, when we have these choices.  Each has its own wonderful merits.  You can choose whichever suits you the best, then live that lifestyle to the full!

Jenni Proctor

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