Tips on buying a car for retirement

Retirement is a good opportunity to make fresh changes to mark the start of a new era in your life. These will sometimes come down to practicalities or otherwise as a celebration of entering this new phase. You may consider downsizing your property to something more manageable, for example, and you may also be looking to purchase a new car.

Whether simply as a treat or for swapping your current wheels for something better suited to your lifestyle, there are some factors when car-buying that are important to take in to account at this age.

Preparing For A Traditional Retirement

Comfort and reliability
The days for showing off status and wealth have (probably) now gone and instead your focus is going to be on how practical a car is and how well it matches your needs. This means you will be looking for a model that provides a good level of comfort, reliability and that will last you for the rest of your retirement.
When test driving potential new cars make sure that you spend plenty of time seeing how you feel in the car as well as what the car is like for driving; make sure that you use all the gadgets to see how simple they are to use. The Audi A8 is a great option in this respect – it has largely buttons which are useful for those with arthritis or decreasing mobility, and it also has massaging chairs which are a great added touch for extra comfort.

Consider the purpose of your new wheels when you buy, as the purpose may be quite different from before. You may need something smaller. Alternatively you may plan to travel with it in which a strong 4×4 or Winnebago might be your choice, or a car with lots of luggage space. Where you may have been used to the practicalities of a family car, a smaller car might now serve your needs adequately. Consider running costs too if you are being careful to reduce your living expenses.

When you do buy your car upgrade your insurance too. Drivers of retirement age and above are statistically less likely to be involved in a car accident than any other demographic, so make sure that you make the most of this by getting an insurance policy that caters specifically for your age group as it will save you money.

Preparing For An Income Producing Retirement

If your plan is to create a 21st Century Retirement, combining retirement lifestyle and producing an income, then your automobile choices might be quite different.  We are working towards getting a car given to us through the part-time business that we are enjoying.

Jenni Proctor

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