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Embracing Your Work From Home Job

By Jenni Proctor / April 5, 2020

Having a job working from home is an enormous change in your life. If it’s been forced upon you then you may feel some resentment. Perhaps you are already missing […]

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How To Create A Business Plan In Nine Easy Steps

How To Create A Business Plan In Nine Easy Steps

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / August 28, 2019

If you are going to start a business you need to create a business plan of some sort. You need to plan your business whether it is a small home […]

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Office design to increase productivity

By Jenni Proctor / October 23, 2012

When you first set out to design your office, you probably were thinking about setting it up to be visually appealing. That’s a valid concern because you want your staff […]

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Baby Boomers: Are You Prepared to Restructure Your Life?

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / August 1, 2011

Are you a baby boomer who’s ready to retire, and if so, are you ready for retirement? That’s the big question. If you are like me, a baby boomer in […]

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2 Important Tips for Finally Starting a New Business

By BoomersNextStep Guest Author / March 14, 2011

Important Tips When Starting a New Business Tip #1: Avoid The Bank and Take Care of the Customer We see it time and time again. A talented entrepreneur gets a […]

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