Office design to increase productivity

When you first set out to design your office, you probably were thinking about setting it up to be visually appealing. That’s a valid concern because you want your staff to enjoy the presence of where they work and you definitely want you customers and clients to enjoy the ambiance.

However, as time has gone by a bit, you’ve realized that something that is equally as important is to create a space that encourages productivity. The thing is, you’re not sure how to incorporate that into the workplace in ways that are appealing and relatively subtle.

Below, we have five great ways for you to apply some office design tips that will definitely make people want to work more without necessarily feeling like they are:

Consider carpet. Hardwood and tile floors can be pretty to look at, but they aren’t always “easy on the ears” when people with heels are walking up and down them all day long. For this reason, you might want to consider having some carpet installed; if not in the entire office, at least in the places where there tends to be the most traffic.

Increase natural lighting. Did you know that people who “let the sun shine in” tend to be better at their job than those who work in artificial light all day long? For this reason, it’s good to keep the curtains and/or blinds open throughout the day.

Bring in some greenery. A lot of times, people end up catching the flu at work because they are sitting next to people for hours on end and that’s a lot of germs to contend with. Aside from having drinking water available, fruits and veggies instead of candy and chips available in the break room and anti-bacterial gel on the desks, why not bring in a potted plant for each desk as well? It’s cheap, it’s attractive and it’s a highly-effective way to aid in keeping toxins out of the air. Some really good natural air purifiers include the Spider plant, the Boston fern and the English Ivy.

Purchase some ergonomically-correct furniture. There are a lot of people who have to sit for hours on end at their desk. So, for this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that you select furniture that is both comfortable and supportive to their body structure. HumanScale is one website that specializes in “all things ergonomic” including chairs, tables and other tools like a computer mouse and monitor.

Ask your staff. It’s basically human nature to make assumptions that we know what’s best for other people, but we don’t always hit the mark. For that reason, if you’d really like to know what would make your staff more productive, why not ask them? Sure, one might say a cappuccino machine, while another may suggest some outdoor water fountains, while another may want an 1 ½ lunch hour, but the point here is that you are making a concerted effort to put their desires on record. Just by asking alone, you will make them more at ease, which will make them more confident, and, inevitably, probably more productive too.


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