Retirement Income – Earn More With a Job Or a Business

How to earn Extra for Retirement Income?

The two most important things a person needs when he retires are good health and enough money. Without either one of these, retired life becomes more of a waiting game than a pleasure to enjoy. We have all hear the old saying that money cannot buy happiness, but it is a fact that not having enough money can buy a lot of unhappiness. almost a hundred years ago, Wallace Wattles said in his book “The science of Getting Rich” that having enough money is essential to enjoying life. A lot of people have been forced into retirement by a sour economy without enough money to enjoy a retired life. Many have to continue to work or look for other ways to create more income just to enjoy the standard of living that they once had. We all end up with several options, and what we do to supplement our income will mean the difference between success and just getting by.

Being out of work for a long time erodes our confidence. Sending out hundreds of resumes, going on job interview after job interview and still coming up short can make us doubt our abilities and worthiness as an employee. Believe me, if you are an older unemployed worker, not finding another job probably has nothing to do with your abilities, but a lot to do with your knowledge and experience. Knowledge and experience are values that a lot of companies want, but are unwilling to pay for. As an older worker, you are competing with people who have less experience and knowledge, but may be able to do the job at a lower cost. It is a sad fact, but that is just the way it is. So what are your other options? Get a job, or start a business. I have been exploring other options for a long time and I would like to share what I have learned.

One of the benefits of being a retired person is having the freedom to do other things. But the freedom to do other things depends upon having enough income to support your lifestyle. A lot of us end up retired without having enough income to support the lifestyle we want. Our options are to get a job or start a business. The ideal situation would be to find a job or start a business that still gives us the freedom to do the other things we want to do. Getting a job is much easier than starting a business and this is the option that most retirees will take and there are many companies that will hire seniors. This becomes evident every time you go to any shopping center or large merchandiser. Most of these jobs are minimum wage, just over part-time and usually help you to just get by. You can even put in an application at some of the larger stores on the internet and just wait for them to call you. The big advantages of getting a job is that it is easier and allows you to stay close to home.

Starting a new job or business can be intimidating. Many of us have become comfortable after working in our profession for many years. Getting out of our comfort zones causes a lot of stress and makes it difficult to even start looking for a new job. There is also some embarrassment about getting a job that pays a lot less than you used to earn. It is a lot easier not to make the effort, but we still need the extra money to keep from just getting by.

Economics will have a large influence on what you decide to do. If you want to stay at home and supplement your income, Walmart or McDonald’s might be a workable solution. It may even be possible to start a home based business, such as non-emergency medical transportation, a home cleaning/detailing business (think about all the foreclosures in your area), or a part time office cleaning business without much cash out of your pocket.

On the other hand, if you want to do other things, (traveling comes to mind), then you may have to pursue other options that will allow you to “take the job on the road.” This might change your options just a little. It may take more effort to find such a job, but it is possible. An internet search for “retirement jobs for seniors” returns millions of websites that have information. Some of it is useful, but a lot of job ads are for professional services that force you to stay in one place. If mobility is a key wish, then you could sell advertising or repair windshields. A lot of people supplement their income with an online business or work as carpenters, electricians, freelance writers, computer consultants, tour bus drivers and traveling nurses. The difficulty is finding these jobs and taking action needed to get them.

Many people have opted to start an online business. This is one of the easiest things to do, but the failure rate is astronomical. There is a lot of written material about online business opportunities and many experts available who will gladly show you how to make money online (usually for a small nominal fee). Most of the information people are selling is available for free, if you have the time to find it and learn how to apply it. But, the devil is in the details and it is a lot easier if you follow a model that someone else has proven.

Other way to supplement your income might be to sell the information you already have. Writing articles, such as this one, and submitting them to various magazines is one way. If you have knowledge in a specialized field, it might be possible to write niche articles or provide training that has commercial value. Many of us fail to look at our own experience when we look ways to make extra money.

The key ingredients to successfully supplementing your income are desire, opportunity and motivation. Look for opportunities to make extra money, take the plunge for financial freedom and do not be afraid to fail and above all do not give up. Failure gives its own opportunities to learn how to do things better.

By Marshall Crum: Whether you get a job, or start an online or offline business, motivation is a necessary key to success. You may have to fight to keep motivated in the face of the doubt and insecurity that comes from competing for a new job or starting a new venture. Believe me, I know how difficult it is to stay motivated. You can get more information about online jobs here. A lot of free information is available from marshallcrum.com.

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