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Your income funds your lifestyle. So when you stop work as an employee, or close a business, that money stops and you have to rely on your income from your investments. You’ve always known this was going to happen but, such is the nature of we humans, it can still come as a bit of a jolt when you retire and realise that your stream of income has stopped.

For much of our working lives our generation has been putting money aside for retirement. Compulsory Superannuation in Australia commenced in 1992, but before that many people were paying into superannuation funds through their employer.

For the majority of people, even if you have been diligent about saving and have your superannuation well managed, your income won’t be the same as before you retired.

Are you completely happy with the income that you currently have? Can you do anything to boost your income?

Boomers Next Step encourages our readers and clients to realistically consider the lifestyle that they want, then work out how they can create a lifestyle that is fulfills them. This does not mean that everyone will be able to have every element of the lifestyle they have hoped for. It does mean that they can build in aspects of their desires to create a fulfilling enjoyable life that they enjoy.

If your income isn’t what you would like, Boomers Next Step encourages people to consider how they could create an income stream through some business venture, and guides them through the process.

Visit Retirement Income, Learn About Online Business or Start A Business to read more about how you can increase your income.

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Enjoy retirement lifestyle...freedom, travel, less stress but still have an income producing business. Have a business plan for your retirement. Be a boomerpreneur!

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